Asian Vision Referral Program
Asian Vision


  1. BFF Bundle PromoFOR NEW CONNECTION ONLY subs to get X% OFF on their current MSF  for 3 different months
  2. Refer a BuddyFOR THE EXISTING SUBSCRIBERS to refer a buddy to get incentives 


    1. BFF Bundle Promo
    • A new fiber subscriber may refer a friend who will also subscribe to any fiber package  (internet only or bundle)
    • They are both entitled to X% OFF on their current MSF to be applied on both of their 3rd, 6th and 9th payments.
    • Assigned MSF discount  - 20% applies to 1499, 15% for 1299 and 1099, 10% for 899
    1. Refer-A-Buddy 
    • All existing Fiber subscribers whose account is settled for the first month are qualified to join this program.
    • They can refer a “buddy” who will also avail of any fiber internet package (internet only or bundle). Once it is successfully closed, then they are BOTH entitled to an X% discount on the 3rd month.
    • Assigned MSF discount  - 25% Of MSF discount applies only to 1499, 15% for 1299 and 1099, 10% for 899
    • During the application, the buddy who is being referred should mention in his/her application “referred by (Account Number/ First and Last Name)” for us to easily identify that the application came from the referral promo.